Pioneer Valley Coating specializes in applying Teflon Non-Stick Fluoropolymer coatings
on a wide range of industrial items.
Non-Stick coatings based on PTFE, FEP, PFA and
PTFE/PFA fluoropolymers are applied to enhance the surface properties of metal surfaces
relating to non-stick, release, friction, corrosion, noise damping, and wear. If you are
experiencing any type of surface contamination issue, a properly selected Non-Stick industrial
coating manufactured by DuPont or Whitford and applied by Pioneer Valley Coating may very
well solve the problem.

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This 7000 pound
embossing roll pictured
to the left is coated
with a green FEP
polymer. FEP is known
for its outstanding
non-stick properties.

The FEP release coating
on this industrial roll
eliminates sticking
problems during the
manufacture of
extruded plastic films.
FEP Coated Embossing Roll
This air compressor
rotor is coated with a
black PTFE polymer on
its working surfaces.
PTFE is often selected
when high temperature
resistance and low
coefficient of friction are
required properties.

The PTFE coating
enhances this part's
ability to maintain a
surface throughout its
productive life.
PTFE Coated Compressor Rotor
Pioneer Valley Coating is a family-owned business that has been in the surface finishing
industry since 1976. Consistent attention to detail has built our reputation for producing a
high-quality finish for our valued customers.

contact us so we may suggest how a Non-Stick coating may solve your particular
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Matrix Coating of FEP and Polyamide-imide
Pictured here is a
selectively applied
matrix coating
consisting of FEP
fluoropolymer and
Polyamide-imide. The
FEP provides non-stick
characteristics and the
improves surface
hardness and wear